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Digitally influenced sales soar in brick-and-mortar stores

Digitally influenced sales soar in brick-and-mortar stores

Digital interactions are expected to influence 64 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores by the end of 2015, or $2.2 trillion, according to Deloitte Digital’s latest study, “Navigating the New Digital Divide.” This figure has grown considerably from 14 cents of each dollar spent in brick-and-mortar stores in 2012, the first year Deloitte Digital conducted the annual study. Read more

Georgia Aquarium, IBM collaborate to enhance visitor experiences

Georgia Aquarium, IBM collaborate to enhance visitor experiences

Venues such as zoos and aquariums attract more than 180 million annual visitors, which is more visitors than the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB’s annual attendance combined, but only about 3.6 million households make repeat visits to zoos and aquariums. In order to better capitalize on this market opportunity, Georgia Aquarium, which houses an expansive array of aquatic animals, needed to rethink the way its engages with customers to create return visitors – increasing both customer loyalty and marketing ROI. Read more

Most CIOs still struggle for influence in the boardroom

Only 17 percent of 400 CEOs and senior business executives worldwide surveyed by Gartner named the CIO as one of their top-three partners for long-range planning. The good news: Over-performing organizations tend to increase the contribution of more technical roles, such as CIO, CTO, chief innovation officer, chief risk officer and chief digital officer, according to the survey. Read more

Study: Firms that create online communities significantly boost revenue

Firms that create their own brand-specific online communities enjoy double-digit revenue growth, according to a new study published in Marketing Science, a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). Read more

Insurers expect wearable devices to be broadly adopted

Nearly two-thirds of insurers expect wearable technologies to have a significant impact on their industry, according to a survey of more than 200 insurance executives as part of Accenture’s annual Technology Vision report. Read more

Data scientists: salary survey shows pay, demand continue to rise

Data scientists: salary survey shows pay, demand continue to rise

Elite data scientists, increasingly in demand from U.S. leading corporations, are riding high on the big data movement, with top-level managers seeing an 8 percent increase in base salary over last year and median bonuses topping $56,000. Data scientists can score 16 percent increases in their median base salary when changing jobs. Read more

Analytics Section of INFORMS News

Recognition for analytics competitions

At the recent INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research, the Analytics Section hosted a breakfast for the winners and participants in the competitions that the Section sponsors. The awards included the Innovative Applications in Analytics Award, the Student Analytical Scholar Award and the Spreadsheet Guru Competition (see below). Read more

Innovative Applications in Analytics Award

Innovative Applications in Analytics Award

The Innovative Applications in Analytics Award, inaugurated in 2012 as the Innovation in Analytics Award, recognizes creative and unique application of analytical techniques. As stated on the award website, the prize “promotes the awareness and value of the creative combination of analytics techniques in unusual applications to provide insights and business value.” To win the award, implementations must integrate theoretical advances and innovative applications in order to create value. Read more

Student Analytical Scholar Award

Student Analytical Scholar Award

The Student Analytical Scholar Award competition, supported and organized by SAS, provides a case study based on a real consulting engagement along with data for students to analyze and decide how they'd tackle the problem. The student’s submission is a statement of work, where they are challenged to balance the technical veracity of their proposed solution along with all the business issues. Read more

Spreadsheet Guru Competition

Spreadsheet Guru Competition

Many will enter.  Only one will win. Congratulations to Lianna Gerrish for dominating the 2015 INFORMS’ Spreadsheet Guru Competition. As an engineer at Blue Margin, Lianna provides consulting for operational dashboards built on Microsoft’s technology stack. Read more

Analytics cluster at INFORMS Annual Meeting

Analytics cluster at INFORMS Annual Meeting

The Analytics Section of INFORMS is proud to present the “Analytics Cluster of Sessions/Presentations” at the upcoming INFORMS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia set for Nov. 1-4. The cluster encompasses 20 sessions featuring the renowned analytics practitioners/leaders. Read more

INFORMS Initiatives

CAP exams available at selected sites and online

Join the growing list of those with “CAP®” after their names. Although the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) designation is available through a computer-based testing format, INFORMS continues to host paper-and-pencil exams at selected sites, especially at INFORMS conferences. Read more

Introducing Pro Bono Analytics

Pro Bono Analytics is a new initiative within INFORMS to match INFORMS members willing to volunteer their time and skills with non-profit organizations that would benefit from advanced analytics and operations research techniques. The Pro Bono Analytics Committee is building strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations to address a wide variety of problems facing society. The committee is also developing a network of analytics/operations research professionals who are willing to volunteer some of their time for a good cause. Read more

Education for analytics professionals: Upcoming courses and special offer

INFORMS offers a continuing education program with courses designed specifically for those in the field of operations research and analytics. These courses are intensive, two-day, in-person courses. Once you leave the classroom, you will have the skills, tools and methods you can immediately use to help make your projects a success. Read more

Industry News

Frontline Systems releases Solver SDK Platform V2015

Frontline Systems is shipping Solver SDK Platform V2015, a major new release of its popular analytics Software Development Kit, and releasing a “production” version of its new RASON modeling language and REST API at https://rason.com. Application developers can use these tools to extend any server-based, browser-based or mobile application to deliver analytic results, using the full range of optimization and simulation methods. Read more

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Ryan Hammond“Chief human resource officers are beginning to recognize the potential power of big data and are embracing the analytics revolution. Consequently, ‘people analytics’ teams are beginning to appear in leading firms. Though these teams are new, they come from highly trained backgrounds and are looking to employ the same analytical tools that are now commonplace in marketing, logistics, finance and sales."

— Ryan Hammond, head of people analytics at hiQ Labs, in his article, “A quiet revolution: Analytics comes to human resources,” in the current May/June issue of Analytics Magazine.

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